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Place User Defined Components inside a Gallery

So, I've created my first component.

But now I read the known limitations and notice I can't place it in a Gallery. Are there plans to implement this in the future?





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Agreed - this would be a very valuable addition

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Definitely important.  I've created several purpose built controls like a Time Input or Calendar which create a much better user experience than the default controls and would really love to use them in a gallery.

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you can create a gallery component though

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@aliciaRodri I don't see such a thing as a 'gallery component' - what are you referring to?

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You cannot insert a component inside a gallery but what you can do is create a component and then add there a Gallery. Then within that gallery you can place your calendar or inputs. Please see below a screen shot of the project that I am working atm.

Unfortunately, I don't think we can insert a component inside another component.  This would be a very valuable addition



Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 15.07.45.png

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Oh I see what you mean - thanks for the fast response! Unfortunately there are still some things you can't easily do with this without being able to place a component inside of a gallery though.