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Please Add "Pay for What You Use" Behavior to the Existing Power Apps Pricing Plans

I would like to request that a "pay for what you use" behavior be incorporated into the existing Power Apps license plans so an organization is only charged the cost of licenses when they are assigned to users. The current pricing model makes it rather unappealing to invest in Power Apps for use-cases where there is not a guaranteed number of Power Apps users who will be using the tool for a set period of time as the potential losses on unused licenses outweigh the potential benefits.


One example is training organizations and the vendors that work with them. In a training context, the number of users who might need a Power Apps Per App license for an event can change at a moment's notice. If the organization has 100 attendees set to participate in an event and pays for 100 Per App licenses for 1 month so attendees can use a specific canvas app only to have 90 students cancel, that results in a $900 loss despite the fact that 90 users never used the licenses.


The "pay for what you use" concept already exists somewhat for Azure and makes it an appealing investment; I hope the same can be brought to Power Apps.

Status: New