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Please Extend delegation to Distinct



I noticed that Distinct using Azure SQL isn't fully supported as it seems to be limited to 500 or 1000 rows. Could you please extend delegation to Distinct function so it can be used with whole dataset?


Thank you.

Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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I wanted to find out if this had been done yet. It would be great to have distinct be delegable

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Why do we need this? In my use case I have a large SharePoint list and I only need one column, to populate a dropdown field. Because SharePoint isn't relational, the column I want has duplicates - basically, it's a list of 'systems', and each system can have many 'applications', but all I want is the systems.


Since there are some 350 applications, and I only need the list of 30 systems, it's grossly inefficient for me to bring back all 300+ rows for 30 items.

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It's been 8 months. Any update? This wall of silence on the status pf so many key features is not helpful.

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Helper II

Any ETA??

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I am also in this situation where I have a list over 500 records long and I want to pull back all Distinct values in the Category field but it doesn't return all of them.  This is a required design feature and I cannot release an App if it doesn't work properly.

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I am also in need of this. For now, I am going to create a view in my database that lists the unique values from my main datasource that will go in my combobox. At least it is good to know that I was not using the Distinct wrong or something was corrupted with my datasource (for some reason PowerApps is only pulling the first 100 rows instead of the default 500).

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Any update on distinct delegation?

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Still no update. I really need it too.

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Any update please ?