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Please don't add "s" automatically plural table name in Dataverse for Teams

In recent updates , we got a new table creation form in Dataverse for Teams.

The new form creates plural name of table ( singular name + "s" )  automatically and we can't change that.

Also, when referencing a table from an app, the table reference name will be plural.

This behavior is very inconvenient.


Our project rules defines to use singular name of tables , because singular and plural name mix in an app is confusing.

Before the update , this rule doing well because of we use the same name for singular and plural.


The public site says plural name of the table can be changed later , but we can't remove  "s" in setting pane.

(We can add some characters .. but can't remove them .)


Please fix  to stop automatically adding "s" or allow to remove "s" on setting pane later.




Status: Started

Just wanted folks to know this update is in process!


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Status changed to: Under Review

Hello @mgoto 

Thank you for the suggestion!

I have asked the Dataverse team to look into your suggestion. 




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Status changed to: Started

Just wanted folks to know this update is in process!


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Hello , @chass  ,thank you for handling the issue.

We look forward to your results.


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This seems to have been fixed in our environment.

I am very grateful for the quick update.

Thank you for @chass  and  all who had handling the issue.


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My pleasure and glad we were able to resolve this