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Please don't allow Form Cards to change order on the fly!

Part of the training explains how easy it is to reorder cards and fields on forms by dragging and dropping. What's a bit counter-productive with this feature is that the cards can swap places on their own.


Therefore, please lock the order of the card/field whenever we drag and drop it to somewhere (to respect the designers instructions, and to raise the value of the drag & drop).






Thank you.

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Resolver II

You should be able to pin cards to their position so they do not autoslide up or across if a card above is made invisible etc.

It would also be good to be able to group cards together.  Essentially we need more container types

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I was having trouble with cards moving around. Some of my cards were being made visible via a radio button. Every time I would try moving them they would move back.


Found I had to:


  1. Remove the code from the visible property on all the cards
  2. Re-arrange cards as I wanted
  3. Add the code back in to their visible property to make them appear and disappear based on the radio button choice.


Worked for me, might help someone else out there.

Community Champion

Oh man, this is really painful right now! I have a form with 80 fields and visibility i'm controlling as the user goes through the form. 


The cards are moving all over the place. How do I lock them in place? The above work around is not working. I've removed all visibility code and added it back form the bottom of the form up. No good. 


Do I really need to go in here adust the .Y of all 80 fields to "lock" them to the card above? 


Resolver II



the way I work around the datacards moving about is to group the data in the card and make the group visible or not instead of the complete card.  This way the card is always there - make sure it has no border etc. so it is not visible itself and then when the group in the card is not visible the other cards do not shuffle about as the card is still "visible".


Not ideal - It would be nicer to be able to lock postions but it was the best I could come up with.

Community Champion

I appreciate the efforts, thank you. Check this out: This article states that cards can be controlled using the X and Y values of each.


Its buggy at this point. Setting the card's Y value to 3 for the third card in my list shows "300" in the Properties pane on the right but "3" in the Y property (top left). 


I've gone through all 80 cards and numbered their Y property 1-80 (They are all in a single column). Testing now to see if they hold their own when visibility is controlled by other factors...

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Confirmed! In a SINGLE COLUMN form, numbering the cards using the Y property keeps them in order no matter the visibility. 



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This feature is key to being able to produce meaningful forms that flow for the user. If using the visible property to dynamically control the visibility of cards totally messes up the entire form then it is unusable in its current state.


@ericonline I will be testing the Y property to keep the cards in order later and we'll add anything I find. Thanks for that helpful tip, hopefully I can achieve what I need using this technique for now.


Fingers crossed...



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Maybe I'm not doing this correctly but this does not seem to be working as expected.


The cards remain in order until any change, no matter how minor, is made and then the non visible cards rearrange them selves in the other tabs.


Data card order randomizationData card order randomization

Perhaps I will try adding a 'show all' button and modify the visible formula on all the cards so that all the card can be made visible at once, reordered then go back to the conditional visibility based on the tab selection.

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The only  workable method of having tabbed form that still allows a reasonable amount of flexibility is to add a"Show All" button and then modify the Visible property of each control as shown so that all controls are shown when the Show All button is clicked allowing you to reorder the cards properly. The Show All button can be hidden so only the app owner can use it.


Visible property of a data card

If(varProjectFormTab="Show All", true,



I did some pretty aggressive reordering/deleting and this method worked out pretty well.