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Please don't wait until after I have created something to tell me it's not compliant with the environment it is in

The feeling you get being told that the work you just did is on a timer to be disabled due to non-compliance is hard to describe. It's very demotivating to say the least. Instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment, you feel like a bad employee who just broke company rules.


There is also the feeling that my time isn't being valued. Why did you let me do all this work before you told me it was out of compliance? If only you had warned me earlier I could have done something about it sooner. Maybe you could have helped me find the right environment? Now I have to figure out a way to move my work somewhere else without losing it. 


I am not very likely to recommend this feeling and experience to others after having experienced it myself. In fact, I'm now likely to warn others to be cautious. All of this can be avoided by simply letting me know that something I'm doing might be out of compliance (or already is) and giving me a way to test its compliance. Having absolutely no warning about it and receiving an email after the fact letting me know I'm on a timer to be disabled feels like receiving a ransom note.


P.S. I don't understand the Idea Labels offered, not sure I picked the right one.

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