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Please enable to use Choices function in variables.

Enabling to use the Choices function on variables can reduce the burden on the administrator.

When switching the connection info of the data source linked with the application, it can be changed only manually, which is a heavy burden.

For example, let's say you created a canvas app in a test environment and linked it with a SharePoint Online list (for test) as a data source.
Suppose you deploy the app to production and reconnect to the production SharePoint Online list.

In this case, after deployment, you need to manually switch the connection destination info that each control in the app (combo box, dropdown, etc.) is linked to from the SharePoint Online list (for test) to the production SharePoint Online list.
The more controls you have in app, the more burdensome this switching task will be.
We recognize this as a problem.

[What is good if enabling to use the Choices function on variables]
If enabling to use the Choices function on variables, the burden of switching connection destinations can be reduced in the following ways, for example.

1. Create a global variable with the OnStart property of the application and store the SharePoint Online list information in that variable.
Also set that variable to the Choices function in the Item property, such as a combo box.

2. If you deploy to another environment, just change the value in the variable in the OnStart property, and the value will be automatically reflected in the variable in the Choices function set on each screen, so it will eliminate the need to manually switch connections after deployment.

Status: New