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Please fix 10MB max file size for list attachments in Power apps!

I see several posts on this top, and saw this was max attachment file size was supposed to be increased over a year ago.


Can we please get an update on this?  This is a deal-killer for the biggest PowerApp at our company.  I need a LEAST a 20MB max file size for SP list attachments, and 50-100MB would be strongly preferred.


If there is a better way to upload and attach files to PowerApps forms besides from using SharePoint lists, please let me know the details on this.  I am not IT, so my access to SQL Blog, etc is very limited.  Need a PowerUser / Citizen Developer solution here, using SP lists or libraries, and need it soon, or we will lose the huge momentum we have built up by my devoting two years to evangelizing and implementing PowerApps in our organization.


Thanks much for your help!!  Please contact me with any questions.


Jim G

Status: New