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Please fix SharePointIntegration.SelectHidden not updated after renaming list

If you customize a SharePoint list with PowerApps and publish it, then if you decide to rename your list, updating/removing/re-inserting the datasource in your form through the PowerApps Studio will not update correctly the application. Indeed, the following error persists in the error checker:

Image 11.png

Here is the detail of this error when clicking on it:

Image 12.png

FYI, the error lies in the 1.json file where the 

Image 10.png

PowerApps team: you might want to fix this little issue... 😊

IMPORTANT NOTE - Nevertheless, if you ignore that error and publish your form anyway, it'll still work (just tested it on a very simple form).

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Hi R3dKap,

I've encountered the same issue and publishing the form does not work.

If you have a list with several items and try to edit an item, it will ALWAYS open the first one in the list because of this line of code on the form.item field:

If(IsBlank(SharePointIntegration.Selected) || IsEmpty(SharePointIntegration.Selected),First('YourListName'),SharePointIntegration.Selected)

(reference is here:

Since  SharePointIntegration.Selected is empty, First('YourListName') is returned.

Solution is therefore to temporarily rename the list with the original name (at the time of the form creation, in fact), correct the connection errors in the form and rename the list with the new name.