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Please fix a bug: unexpected tab order change of controls within vertical and horizontal container

I found that some action triggers unexpected tab order change of controls when I use vertical and horizontal containers.

That is a very hard phenomenon to explain, so here is an example:


First, I put some controls on Screen1 like this:


I highlighted green for vertical container, and red for horizontal ones.


At this time, the tab orders are like this:


TextInput1 -> TextInput2 -> TextInput3 -> TextInput4 -> TextInput5 -> TextInput6 -> TextInput7 -> TextInput8 -> TextInput9 -> TextInput10 

It seems to be natural for me.


And then, I copied Screen1:



After that, the tab orders are like this:


TextInput1 -> TextInput2 -> TextInput5 -> TextInput6 -> TextInput9 -> TextInput10 -> TextInput3 -> TextInput4 -> TextInput7 -> TextInput8 

It seems very strange for me.

Unfortunately, This order could no longer be undone because I found none of properties has changed for those controls .


I don't know what is going on inside Power Apps while I just copied the Screen, but anyway I would like the tab order to be natural when using containers.

Status: New