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Please fix "Error loading contorol" of Combo box control in Power Apps in Teams with Blank() item

From last week, our production app of Dataverse for Teams started having issue "Error loading contorol" when Combo box 's Items property has Blank() value and Field is the related to the Blank() property.





Combo box  Items = _colCombo1 and Combo box>Property >Field > Add Name field.


If  we change  Blank() to "" , there is no error and works fine.



If we use classic control ( not Dataverse for Teams Fluent UI Combo box) , both works perfectly.


It seems issues from ver 3.21054.31 but not sure. 

3.21035.34 had no issue.


We have multiple applications with Blank()  and don't want to fix our code.

Please fix the issue.


Status: New
Advocate I

This issue seems to have been solved.
I thank the people who voted here and who fixed it.