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Please improve the integration between a PowerApp with associated SharePoint List menu.

Hello I was wondering if this idea could be considered.  I found a workaround midway through composing this idea, but there is still room for improvement (unless I am missing something).


I am converting several InfoPath forms to PowerApps.  The users launch a new form directly from the SharePoint custom list New menu item. This is achieved by selecting the InfoPath Content Type as the default for the list.  Ideally I could launch the associated PowerApp instead of opening the SharePoint default NewForm.aspx in much the same way.  A PowerApp content type would be ideal!  I have noticed for the "Customize Form" sub-menu item under the PowerApps SharePoint list menu opens the list in PowerApp studio with a  "SharePoint Integration" option in the left  menu.  It would be great if this option was available to all PowerApps so that the PowerApp can be integrated directly with the SharePoint list, an approach from the PowerApp Studio side of things as opposed to the SharePoint content type idea....  Therefore, when the user clicks New on a SharePoint Registration list for example, the registration PowerApp form opens directly... not in the right list pane, but in a new/dedicated window.. To achieve this  I have changed the "New" action for the SharePoint integration.  The app link that is presented in the app details panel does not work, however when I click this link then copy the URL that subsequently includes the webplayer string it works... so a workaround.  Would just be easier if the SharePoint Integration option is available to use in all apps or possibly consider an idea to introduce a PowerApp content type to SharePoint if possible. 

So in summary,

1. I have built a PowerApp from the PowerApp studio that connects to a SharePoint List.  There is no SharePoint Integration option in the left menu panel.

2. I return to the SharePoint list and select "Customize forms" from the PowerApps menu

3. Click SharePoint Integration in the left menu

4. Adjust the OnNew action to launch the relevant PowerApp:  Launch("")


Note: the below link - the link presented on the App details screen doesn't work

Capture - Customize form.PNGCapture_Launch.PNG

Status: New