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Please make ComboBox OnChange trigger consistent with other controls


Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

The ComboBox OnChange event triggers much more often than say, the OnChange event of other controls, such all PullDown, TextInput, ...
In particular, the ComboBox OnChange event also seems to be triggering upon Reset or Reset of a parent Form and with a delay compared to the parent.
This makes OnChange for the ComboBox inconsistent to use with other OnChange events and also with Form.OnReset.
Please make the ComboBox OnChange trigger consistent with the OnChange event event of other controls.
The way it is now, I find ComboBox OnChange unuseable.

See also this post, that originally alerted me to this behaviour:

Thank you,

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Combobox OnChange not working when using Update function inside a gallery.