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Please make Sample Apps as Templates

Please make all sample apps so that we can create from them as templates. We learn by looking at formulas and configurations more than just looking at an app. (they are great idea generators - but in order for us to learn from them we need to be able to edit a clone)



Status: Under Review
Helper I

Totally agree. Respectfully, the Sample Apps are currently all but useless (with a few bugs to boot). We need to be able to look at design view ... and use as a template (clone as suggested above).


Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Helper I
Under Review ... GREAT news !! Make It Happen 🙂
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We'd love to be able to use the inventory management template but sadly it is currently only available for preview. Any chance that template will be made available for editing?

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Would love to see how they created the Customer Feedback Survey and Customer Health portions of the Customer Success app!

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Would love to edit the Help desk app

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Creating a video creating a sample PowerApp from one of the Sample Apps would be very helpful,

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This seems like a no-brainer.


To be honest, I'm slightly staggered that this wasn't considered when these samples were first launched. What sort of thinking is behind offering up "samples" to "learn from" which then offer utterly no learning opportunity or benefit to users?