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Please provide us a means to see what json is getting sent back to the server

Hi ,

I am having an issue updating a column from a listform I created with powerapps . To resolve the issue I need to see what json is being sent back to shareppoint for a particular field. I added a textbox to my form to try to show the json being sent . I set the text property to:



But al it show my is 

[object Object]
It would be great if i could see the json.
i added anothe text box an set the text proprty to SharePointForm1.Error
all it shows is 
The requested operation is invalid.
Server Response: A value must be provided for item.
clientRequestId: 43960d15-2b3e-4f3d-a2ec-aebc1d2b2618
We need way better diagnostic info to troubleshoot sharepoint forms customized with ipowerapps.
Status: New