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Please use consistent property names. Fix Color/Fill/Background inconsistency with DropDown/ComboBox/DatePicker Chevrons/Icons

Please read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

Almost everything in PowerApps, including Icons, uses the properties

  1. Color for Foreground Color (Text, actual Icon, ...)
  2. Fill for Background Color (Empty space to border)

But the Chevron (which to my mind is just an embedded Icon) included in Drop down/Combo box controls uses the properties

  1. ChevronFill for Foreground Color (Actual Arrow Icon)
  2. ChevronBackground for Background Color (Empty space to border)

I think this is confusing, misleading, and inconsistent.

Please, use a consistent naming scheme for the properties of controls, in particular for common/universal properties across a number of different controls.

See also:

EDIT: I just noticed that this also applies to the Date Picker with IconFill and IconBackground and have changed the title of this idea to reflect this.

Status: New