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Plugin Images do not containt the name property

Author Name: KENNY VAES

When we register a plugin on the Pre-Create step, the Image does not contain the names for lookup controls.

The lookup properties in the image has a null value for the Name.

As a workarround, we always need to do a retrieve request to get the name of the lookup entity.

It would be usefull to always have the name for each lookup when working with plugin images.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thanks for your feedback. I am assuming that you are talking about input parameters and not images since there is no image in the pre-create step. If that is the scenario, the behavior that you are observing is by design since the value needs to be populated by the client, default values are not added by the platform until later and so retrieverequest needs to be used in these scenarios to ensure that the lookup name is always available. Thanks Microsoft The posting is provided "as is" and does not confer any rights.