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Portals - Extend it with an API

Author Name: Philip Verlinden

While a portal is great for sharing and participating data/processes with customers and partners (B2C/B2B), sometimes these customers/partners think already further ahead.


What are we trying to say here?

Besides offering an UI to customers/partners via the Portal, also provide the ability of having a secured OData / REST API in which a customer/partner can authenticate and obtain the same set of data as within their Portal access (as configured by the Web Role from the Portal setup in Dynamics 365).


For large enterprises, it would even make more sense to extend authentication possibilities (Azure AD B2C / B2B) and eventual also integrate an Azure API Management subscription on this API.


Status: Started

This is part of our June 2020 release which will start rolling out in next few weeks.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.  We are considering how we can enable more supported customization capabilities in portal.


Shan McArthur
PM, Microsoft

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Just for the historical purpose, there was already a simple OData feed in the previous on premises version, but the idea here would be to enhance this more with security options (authentication) and/or enterprise features.

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This is a very important feature as every portal has usually animations or calculations. Right now the route that we are going is is either redirection to an Azure Webpage or use AngularJS connected via a 3rd party created Web API. Both approaches are not ideal so I would prefer the the OData Feed be extended to accept at least CRUD + Run Workflow, Actions, Processes, etc

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Status changed to: Planned

We have started looking at this for an upcoming release

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Hi, is this already available? Power Apps portal improvement mentions it's going to be in public preview on June 2020.



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Status changed to: Started

This is part of our June 2020 release which will start rolling out in next few weeks.

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Thank you @dileeps. I just noticed a new REST function (or at least new for me), but I didn't find any documentation on it. Is this part of the new features coming?Annotation 2020-06-15 153606.png  

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@ogarcia - the screenshot you have pasted is for canvas app, the idea is regarding portals. So this is not related

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Has this been rolled out yet?

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This is in public preview ATM

Note, when creating an entity record and you want to link other entities (contact lookup)

You have to add a Create & AppendTo Portal Entity Permissions for the entity you want to link. 

a) Add a portal entity permission for entity A that has Read/Write/Create/Append/AppendTo for the Authenticated WebRole

b) Add a portal entity permission for entity Contact that has Create/Append/AppentTo for the Authentication WebRole

Works very well!


	type: "POST",
	url: "/_api/abc_usermodulestatuses",
	contentType: "application/json",
	data: JSON.stringify({
		"abc_name": "New ABC Record Name",
	success: function (res, status, xhr) {
//print id of newly created entity record
		console.log("entityID: "+ xhr.getResponseHeader("entityid"));



you also have to get past using the correct Schema and EntitySetNames with the @odata.bin 


Have fun!