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Portals - Support for External Data source other than Dataverse

Portal is tightly integrated with Dataverse, even though platform provides feature to build external facing application data must be present in Dataverse for consumption through Portals. This requires data replication from other data sources into Dataverse and leads to data integrity issues.


For scenarios in Banking/Insurance/Manufacturing/Automobile/Telco industries where B2B and B2C applications are commonly used, Providing option to connect directly to external data sources (like SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle DB, etc..) will help in quickly building and deploying B2B/B2C Applications.

Status: New

Hi Portal PM team,


Please consider this idea as many other product in Power platform are giving this connector support to various 1 st party / third party products, this being popular and low code solution, it would be great if same can be expanded to portal as well. 


Another reason for this ask it at many occasion migration to dataverse can be tedious, having this quick connector support will save implementation time and cost.