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Power App DOESN'T support Repeating Section

We have developped a power app to manage "Travel Requests".

We wanted to add itineraries (flight, Train,  Bus, Hotel) to travel request which is repeating in nature.

However Power App doesn't support Repeating Sections. Is Microsoft planning to include this in Power Apps ?

If YES, tentatively by when will it be available for developers. 

I think, this is MUST & critically needed to address most of the business needs in day today life.

Will appreciate your early response on this !

Status: Under Review

Would you please take a look at this webinar in the meantime? It's where we discuss how this is done in PowerApps.


Thank you for your continued feedback and support,


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@manjotsingh057 I really think that is a great solution, not a workaround. Using a separate list/table is much more Parent/Child Master/Detail style format and easily understandable, not to mention more easily reportable.


It might be do-able via Galleries, but I think given that PowerApps is being promoted as a low/no-code solution and a replacement to InfoPath, and given that based on the many forum posts about it, they need a more visual and easy-to-implement way to do this (even if it still uses Galleries). In InfoPath, it was super simple via drag and drop and a couple of clicks. It was easy to make certain repeating tables/sections optional vs. required, etc. As the data is stored differently now, I can see why it's a bit more tricky to implement.  But the PowerApps team should really consider adding maybe a wizard or some sort of better implementation for Galleries to help users implement repeating tables and sections easier.