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Power Apps Connector should use generic users

Power App Connectors currently doesn't allow for generic users as connection users for connectors. For example if I use SharePoint connector in my app for SharePoint list and share that app with users in my organisation when they open the app first time it asks them to create new connection using their own credential. That seems like a very bad practice where you need to give all the end users access to all underlying resources. In an ideal programming world you don't share database connection credential with end users for them to use your application. Power Apps should allow connectors to use generic ( licensed if that is waht Microsoft want ) user and then all the users who are using that app should be able to use that connector with that generic user as the underlying connection.


For example I create a Expense claim app using SharePoint list and share it with everyone in the organisation. For all those users to use that Power App I have to make sure all those users have full permission on that SharePoint list. In other words your underlying data is not secure as any user can see any other user's data in SharePoint list. If there is a generic user that Power App can use then you can lock up that SharePoint list to that specific user  and no other user have  access to it.


Status: New