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Power Apps Portals Licencing cost is too much

Currently, the licencing cost for Portals is too much and too convoluted 

The main issue is that each login into a Portal is charged on Day Pass like structure (24 hours)

so if there are 50 users who log in 20 times, that's 1000 logins which are currently priced at $1000

so that's $20 Per Month Per User or even more if users login more often


Now, as a comparison SalesForce portals are currently priced at $7.00 per login per month for an individual user for unlimited logins

It's cheaper. It's simpler.


Can we please get Microsoft to do the same? 

cause from experience the current cause is prohibitive to some of our clients

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The current price of $2.00 per login should be a 7-day pass.

Or make it $0.25 per day pass.


As is, it is prohibitively expensive, killing many more projects than the current prices bring in.

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@manivineetI believe the actual pricing is much lower than you have described. You would need to pay $200 per month for authenticated users, which will allow up to 100 daily unique user logins. As you have suggested you have 50 users, this licence is double the quota you actually need. That's $4 per your 50 users which is lower than the Salesforce figure you quoted. If you have 100 users, obviously it's $2 per head.

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Hey Graham,


That seems wrong based on my understanding.  Looking at the table on this page looks like the model is 'Per Login', and we get 100 logins for $200 per month, or 1,000 logins for $1,000 per month.  As we know, a login provides the authenticated user with access to a single portal for up to 24 hours.


Let's say we have 10 users that login to the portal on a daily basis.   We pay $200, and get a credit of 100 'login units'.  On the first day of the month, all of our users logged in, meaning we now have only  90 'login units'.  On the second day, they log in again and we are down to 80.  Within 10 days, all of our Logins are gone, and that's just for 10 users.  What if we have a community of 500 people that we want to engage daily?


I can't find anywhere that says you get 100 daily logins for $200, always says you just get 100 logins and that a login is for 24 hours.  The payment is per month, so I assume the number of logins you get is per month as well. If you could point to the relevant Microsoft docs\licensing guide that specifies that the login amount is counted daily, that would make a difference....  I (and our customers) will be very happy if I misunderstood and we really do get 100 daily logins and not 100 login units for a month.





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Hi EranY


According to, it states "100 daily logins sessions". My initial interpretation was you receive 100 logins per day and each login lasts for 24 hours. The wording, therefore, seems ambiguous.


However, I have now downloaded and read the licencing guide, and indeed, it is 100 logins per month. I stand corrected and apologise for the confusion.


This will seriously affect my strategy using Powerapps Portals!

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If a login lasted for a week instead of 24h it would still be bad,  but open up a few use cases.

Another nail in the coffin is that it must be all prepaid. the good thing about prepaid is cost management, but the bad part is that if you go over the quota, the service just stops.

It needs a postpaid option, pay-for-what-you-use.

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The other downside of prepaid is under-usage too!

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I think they should introduce a Subscription license - unlimited logins for one user at $3-5 per month.  It's an amount that is reasonable to pay and opens up quite a lot of scenarios.  That along with a daily or weekly login type license should cover most of the use cases for portal.