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Power Apps Portals Licencing cost is too much

Currently, the licencing cost for Portals is too much and too convoluted 

The main issue is that each login into a Portal is charged on Day Pass like structure (24 hours)

so if there are 50 users who log in 20 times, that's 1000 logins which are currently priced at $1000

so that's $20 Per Month Per User or even more if users login more often


Now, as a comparison SalesForce portals are currently priced at $7.00 per login per month for an individual user for unlimited logins

It's cheaper. It's simpler.


Can we please get Microsoft to do the same? 

cause from experience the current cause is prohibitive to some of our clients

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Can you please provide a link to any documentation that clarifies that we get 100 logins per day or that it reset back to 100 every 24 hours?  I couldn't find that anywhere - only that the cost is 200$ per month and that we get 100 login - can't find anywhere that it's 100 logins per day.



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@EranY , that's the only possible interpretation from all the documentation and blog posts issued. 

I too cannot find any reference of the $200 per 100 logins refreshing daily. 


If $200 per 100 logins is a daily capacity, rather than a monthly one, that would change things considerably (for the better), but I can find no indication of this interpretation being correct from the documentation and communication I have found. 


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@TiagoFreire : I would really want it to reset daily, but based on what I'm reading in the docs, it's actually $200 per month for 100 logins, and each login is a single user logged in for 24 hours. this also highlights that you need to assign the logins across different portals, and it does seem like it's logins/month...

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Hi ,


I have the same question, so I opened a MS support request and unfortunately, here is the answer, for 100 "users" :


Problem Scope


Portal add on purchasing for PowerApps


Root cause


Multiple logins during the 24-hour period count as one billable login.




For 100 users to login to portals every day, that would be 100 logins per day.


100 logins per day * 30/31 days = 3000/3100 logins per month.




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However anyone can calculate - IT IS JUST SUPER EXPENSIVE.

MS has to rethink their pricing plan if Portals have to take-off.

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I've seen several threads now where users are not using entity permissions just to avoid paying licenses.

This can have several data protections implications. Microsoft should consider licensing changes ASAP.