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Power Apps Support for Task Lists

I use task lists ALL THE TIME because of the built in workflow. It is THE single most common list I use. Not being able to use Power Apps on a task list is a major limitation.  Please make this a priority ASAP

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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Awesome! Thanks. Any idea roughly when? Summer? Fall? Winter? This year?

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I hope the ability to use Microsoft Flow with Task Lists will come in tandem.


Currently we use Task Lists in SharePoint to manage entries for a few of our products, and we would really like to have the ability to stylize and automate our emails (which Microsoft Flow would give us.) Since this is usually only available in Custom Lists, and migrating our data from a Task List to a Custom List is looking close to impossible, this would be a very nice feature to have!



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@Anonymous - How do you handle the fact that Flow is tied to individual users and not to the list itself like a traditional workflow?  As an SP Admin, I have no visibility to Flows running on any of my 100's of sites, so I'm super worried that if it's used for a business process and there's a failure, I won't be able to even see the Flow, let alone troubleshoot or fix it. I've been steering all business processes to traditional workflow and reserving Flow for personal things, basically like customizable alerts.

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Tried to use PowerApps on a SP task list in two tenants this morning. No Cigar.  Any idea when SP Task lists might be supported? I'd be migrating SPD WFs and InfoPath forms but task lists are simply too pervasive.  ~B

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still no update?

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I now have a link to PowerApps in List Settings > Forms Settings and it does launch PowerApps. But when we customized the form and published it back to SharePoint, we still got the default SharePoint form. But should be soon I expect.


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Hi @Audrie-MSFT - any update on this please?  We have a Tasks list and would love to be able to build a PowerApp around it.  Thank you.

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Any update on this?

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@audrieg @FilipK - is this any closer to release? Keen for an ETA if possible. Thank you Smiley Happy