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Power Apps parameter intellisense is not consistent for Flow UI parameters sequence .



Power Apps intellisense shows the order of the parameters which is not consistent to the Flow order as we see in the Flow UI.


In the below example Flow UI is shown in the order Country, MNumber and Product and in PowerApps intelligence shows Mnumber, Country, Product.    










The real issue starts when in Flow we re-enter the parameters randomly and Powerapps expect a different order thus we need to change the parameters in the PowerApps as well.


As an example when we re-entered the parameters in the Flow we can see the PowerApps intellisense parameters has changed so any App using the Flow needs to be changed now .  





Status: New
New Member

I support this feature to be included.  Thanks

Community Support

This feature is required to prevent any confusion and re-configuring the PowerApps after updating a definition of the SQL Table. 

Regular Visitor

Hi ! this feature will help mitigate the investment of time and money that comes from potential impacts from Flows changing their exposed APIs without any ability to know that this has happened. The only effective mitigation we currently have to this is every time a Flow that uses a SQL connector changes, we must manually review dependent applications.