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Power Apps should have a monthly release cycle for updates not force users to wait for biannual wave releases

The subject says it all

There are hundreds of community ideas that have been waiting for triage for years

There are hundreds of community ideas that don't see the light of day

There are hundreds of community ideas that could improve the overall product usability of the product

Usability and configurability are new words that MS should get used to

I want to be able to configure Dynamics 365 forms and fields like I can use PowerPoint, SSRS and Power BI or even Excel

When is this likely to happen?


MS Sales executive Alexandre Pombo is trying to get small to medium businesses to take up Dynamics

Dynamics is not spending the tabled $2B on research and development to help his cause very well!

Imagine a product so easy to configure that you don't need JS experts and that you could turn around a unique solution in days not months

Imagine Dynamics with some colour field formatting and even more out of this world usability. 

I'm passionate but need MS to come on board and get passionate about more timely improvement and feature releases.



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