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Power Automate Desktop flow execution failure when screen is locked and window is minimized

When PC is locked by a screen saver during Power Automate Desktop is running, actions that affect the active window (send key) and UI Automation click operations fail. However, Web Automation clicks operation succeed in the same condition. Also, even if the device is not locked, if Power Automate Desktop is running on the Windows to which you logged in with RDP and if you minimize the corresponding RDP window, the above action fails. After checking the above behavior with MS support, the answer is that it is the default behavior of "Per-user plan with attended RPA", and MS support suggested us to use "Unattended RPA add-on". However, PCs for business nowadays, it's general that it is locked by a screen saver in a few minutes. If it fails just by the screen saver lock, it seems that the attend type cannot be used. We think it can't be helped if it's still a free version, but even if you purchase a license for "Per-user plan with attended RPA ($ 40)", it will behave the same, so if this is the default behavior, Power Automate Desktop is quite difficult to use in-house. We also feel that there is a gap between succeed of Web Automation actions in the same situation and the default behavior of "Per-user plan with attended RPA". This behavior needs to fixed. Best Regards. Thank you.

Status: New
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