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Power Automate flows - Connections from a Team/Sharepoint site

It would be benificial if a flow that is programmed to be used inside a Team could use the team as a connection for Sharepoint, Forms, Teams etc in the flow.


As it is now, a flow can be programmed for use inside a Team but the owner still has to be a specific user which is the owner and admin of the flow.


This means that everytime a person quits the Team or perhaps even the company, the connections has to be exchanged to a different user.


If the connections for Sharepoint, Forms etc where to be assigned to the actual Team only then this could be avoided. 


When I was assisted by Microsoft Support they told me that this can roughly be done by assigning a service account which is used within all the connections.
This account could then be accesable by different users inside the company and also IT which would then give them a quick overwiev of the amount of flows being in use. 

Status: New