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Power Platform Admin Center - Bring back opening in new tab


Please bring back the possibility to open environments, dlps and everything in between in new tabs from the Power Platform Admin Center. 
The way it is working now that you have to open an environment in the same tab that you are working in and have made filtering in is hindering productivity as the filtering is gone when you go back to environments. This is especially important for big corporations that have a lot of environments to keep track of. 

Status: New
Advocate IV

In general, all maker and admin portals in Power Platform should be built to support the "open in a new tab" navigation paradigm. Either built-in options or then support for the browser right click experience. For these user personas it will never be possible to create a single page that offers all the information they need, which is why such effort should rather be spent in giving these users "ownership" of their multitasking experience by excellent support for multiple tabs everywhere.