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Power Platform Admin Centre - Search box improvement

It would be brilliant if within the Power Platform Admin Centre on the "Resources" page the "Search" box searched on all items, not just the ones showing on the page. 

If I click on an environment, then select "Resources", then select either "Power Apps" or "Flows" I go to a different screen that shows a list of 25 Apps or Flow records, depending on which product I select.

Now let's say I have 500 Apps. To show them all I have to keep clicking the dreaded "Load More" which loads 25 more records at a time. 

This is annoying, so instead you use the Search box at the top of the page. But the search box only searches on the items showing on the page, it doesn't search on all items. 

So the only way to search all items is to keep clicking the "Load More" button. If you have hundreds or thousands of Flows or Apps this is hard work.


My request is the search box is able to search on all Apps or Flows and us not having to keep clicking "Load More".

Search box.png

The benefit to this is that we will be able to govern the platform better by quickly finding Apps and Flows.

Status: New