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Power Query Dataflow ALM : New connector for Dataverse (current environment)


There are many use cases where a Power Query Dataflow can get data from the environment where it resides. For example, a dataflow can be used to aggregate end-of-the-day data from Dataverse tables, and load those aggregations to a time-series statistics table. However, with the current Dataverse connector in Power Query, moving such solutions from Dev to UAT to production is problematic, because the URL of the environment is hard coded in the Dataflow's Power Query M code.


To facilitate ALM management of Dataflows when connecting to a Dataverse tables within the same environment, it would be great if Power Query had a Dataverse (current environment) connector, just like the Dataverse (current environment) connector for Power Automate.


Current Connector in Power Query Online:





It would be great is we could select, in one of those two places : Dataverse (current environment)


Keep 'em flowin'!



Status: New