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PowerApp connection to PowerAutomate corruption

On two separate occasions in the past few months our business has been affected by a failed PowerPlatform update that has been rolled back (information provided by Microsoft support).


The side effect of the failed update is that the connections between PowerApps and PowerAutomate become corrupted. The issue seems to corrupt the connection from a PowerApp button that will trigger a Flow. The connection(s) remain in place, but it doesn't trigger the flow, and instead displays an error message (InvokerConnectionOverrideFailed).


A quick look online shows that this is affecting multiple businesses in different global regions. This is one of many links that could be provided:

Firstly, this issue shouldn't occur in the first place. If a software update has been to be rolled back, this should not affect customer implementations. What sort of testing and due diligence is taking place before rolling out updates?


If issues in rolling out updates continue, there must be a mechanism put in place to inform customers. I have not seen anything or I'm not aware that this does exist? Is there any reason why the side effects can not be resolved automatically to reduce the impact on customer implementations?

The final point I would like to add; if the update issues cannot be avoided or resolved automatically there should be a mechanism provided, such as a button/link within the PowerPlatform that resets/fixes the connections within PowerAutomate and PowerApps.

At present this is a manual process of updating the connections in both the Flow and PowerApps. This is extremely painful if your tenant has many examples.

Status: New