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PowerApp does not support the Windows Phones. I suggest that you have this support asap..

We are loyal Microsoft users but it is a surprise for us to find out that PowerApp does not support Windows phone. Please update so that we can use PowerApps in Windows phones..

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i can not download powerapps for my lumia 525 from store!, it have 1GB RAM wahhhh.


Microsoft Lumia 532 Smartphone Dual-SIM (10,16 cm (4 Zoll) Display, 5 Megapixel Kamera, Qualcomm Snapdragon Prozessor, 1,2GHz, micro-USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM, Win 8.1) schwarz


Power Apps

You need 2GB of RAM for the current version of PowerApps on Windows Phone.

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can you state reasons for this amount of memory?

it is incredible much just for a single screen input system.

the app with data at android +  cache using 110 MB.


Power Apps

The app (currently) requires a 750MB memory allocation to work reliably running real apps. On WP, a 750MB app requires a device with 2GB RAM.


Work is ongoing to reduce this memory requirement. This is one of the reasons the WP version is marked as a Preview currently.

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oh oh, 2GB means i can NOT use 3/3 of my private devices, currently my moto g work only with powerapps.

yes, please check what take this alot memory and try reduce.

gui is "just" painting, i guess it is the web component over-all.







Power Automate
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Powerapps will not install on Lumia 640. It says the reason it cannot install is it needs 750mb ram. Lumia 640 comes with 1GB.


What is the issue? 

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"What is the issue?"