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PowerApps Admin - Shouldn't need to be a global admin.

I feel we need to have a security role for the PowerPlatform admin.


We are a very large organization which splits out roles based on least priviledges, and our team manages O365. We recently had an audit by Microsoft regarding security and they stated that we had too many global admins in our organization, so the tenant admin took that role away from a majority of users. We had to have it granted back to one person on our O365 services team as he manages add-ins for our Office Products. I am the primary admin on our team for the PowerPlatform with a backup on the US side and 2 others on our Mumbai team. We all have P2 licenses, but we can't see all of the environments that people have created because we are not a global admins. Seems there is a need for an additional security role to manage the PowerPlatform.

Status: New