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PowerApps Attachments to SharePoint lists size limit

Currently there is a limitation of uploading a file attachment size to max of 10 MB. SInce SPO can accept upto 250 MB per file in a list item, it makes sense to increase the attachment size in PowerApps to 250MB.

Status: Completed

Hi Everyone,


We've removed the limit for attachments to support higher upload limits, as they become available by different connectors.  It became available in 6.4 - Released version 3.21064 - Release Notes | Microsoft Docs


Hope this helps.


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@gdavis53 it all depends on the problems you are trying to solve. We have been helping several clients implement PowerApps and they have been pretty happy with the solutions that were created. It's not appropriate for every problem, but it works great for many.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

We are increasing the upload limit to 100MB and realeasing it as a preview feature in early October.

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Its interesting how these all get connected to my original question about file size.  Can you start separate threads on different topics please?

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Thank you @FilipK that is good news looking forward to the release of this long-awaited file size increase Smiley Happy

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Status changed to: Started

We are increasing the upload limit to 100MB but the planned October release date is in jeopardy.  Still aiming for this year, I will update the thread.

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Thank you @FilipK for the update though going from October to aiming this year is less good news especially as this file size increase is already long time due ... Any reason for the delay (i.e. because of priorities or complexity) and what is the likelihood of releasing the update this year? Thanks!

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@FilipK any update on a release for this?

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Is there any ETA ? because this is major roadblock for our clients. ETA will decide whether they want to hold for this limitation or think of some other workaround for this. @FilipK 

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@FilipK  can you give us an further update ?

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Our Company has decided to drop Sharepoint all together now because of this issue not being resolved.  We have swapped over to an SQL server with Azure Blob Storage.  So much easier to work with than SharePoint.  I would suggest everyone making this switch.