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PowerApps Attachments to SharePoint lists size limit

Currently there is a limitation of uploading a file attachment size to max of 10 MB. SInce SPO can accept upto 250 MB per file in a list item, it makes sense to increase the attachment size in PowerApps to 250MB.

Status: Started

We are increasing the upload limit to 100MB but the planned October release date is in jeopardy.  Still aiming for this year, I will update the thread.

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Finally this one was a long time coming - I have tested this successfully in our environment. Thank you @FilipK and the PowerApps team!

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Any ideas on how I can upload a large file (100MB to 500 MB) from a Power Apps UI to a SP document library or One Drive etc. I am being limited by the Attachment control.

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@Anonymous I have found the best solution for our company to be to leverage Azure Blob Storage for all files.  This has eliminated this problem for us.  I then have a column in my data source that is the link to that file.  

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@FBSEstimator Thanks for your reply. We tried using the Azure Blob just for the regular files (before the large file issue) but got stuck with retrieving the documents back securely, without anonymous access enabled, using the URL and being able to Launch('URL') them in the browser itself. 

1. Can you tell me how you achieved that?
2. For large files, what's the maximum tried and successful file size that you tested/accomplished from powerapps.


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@Anonymous.  I do have the files currently listed with anonymous access enabled.  For our purposes, we are not storing sensitive documents in this system.  I imagine achieving the private access you would need to set a private endpoint on your storage resource.  I have not done this myself self but I was able to find this Microsoft documentation for you.


As far as max file size. I have successfully attached a file that was 300MB without the system timing out.  For our company, we share very large blueprint PDF files.  300MB was the largest I have seen so far.   Though I have not seen this myself, based on my experiences with other processes in Power Apps, a slow internet connection could cause the upload to timeout. 

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The best solution I came up for this scenario is using SharePoint for the purpose. I am having users click a button - Attach large file. The button in the background Runs a workflow to check/create a Folder in the SP location you intend to upload files to (Document Library ). Once done, it launches "Launch('folderlocation')".

When user is on the SP location and uploads a file, I have another flow run on file upload that takes the uploaded file URL and updates record in our SQL table with the new file URL, which eventually reflects in our PowerApps screen.

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We are UNABLE to upload Sharepoint list attachments above ~12MB.

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So without reading through the 8 pages of comments, is this still in the offing, increasing the uploadable file size to the 100 MB stated at the top or preferably the 250 which is the SharePoint max?

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Still waiting on an update. It is a show-stopper. Ideally would like to have 250 MB limit. Microsoft can you please update. Would really appreciate. 


Any other way to achieve similar results, while we wait for this?

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Hi, is there any update on what the current and planned max file size upload is and what it's going to be? Is it 100Mb at present and will it be 250Mb at some point soon. Some clarity would be nice.


Also are there any plans to allow uploads to document libraries directly?