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PowerApps Attachments to SharePoint lists size limit

Currently there is a limitation of uploading a file attachment size to max of 10 MB. SInce SPO can accept upto 250 MB per file in a list item, it makes sense to increase the attachment size in PowerApps to 250MB.

Status: Completed

Hi Everyone,


We've removed the limit for attachments to support higher upload limits, as they become available by different connectors.  It became available in 6.4 - Released version 3.21064 - Release Notes | Microsoft Docs


Hope this helps.


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50 MB is just to small size, with todays standard and files that needs to be attached, at least 250 MB but mostly preferable is like 500 MB otherwise the upload options renders kind of useless. 😞

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Hi guys,


the size limit is still 10MB, is there any update on this?

This is really limiting documents management via PowerApps (linked to libraries or SharePoint lists).

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Hi @derrrazm ,


the file upload component actually supports 50 MB now, you can change that in settings, but even 50 MB is to small of a file size in modern times that it renders to be more or less useless. 😞


best regards


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I do not see any option in the PowerApps settings for raising the attachment file size limit from 10 MB up to the 50 MB.  Can you provide any additional direction on where this is accomplished?  Even though I agree the 50 MB is still a little low, it is something I could use right now as an interim to the 100 MB goal.




ADDENDUM: I figured it out - By "Settings," you meant parameter "MaxAttachmentSize."

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Hi @Chris555222 ,


yes on the Upload object the MaxAttachemtSize is the one i was referring to 🙂




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@FilipK @kollikr 

Any news on when this will be increased to 100Mb please? Originally scheduled for October and we're nearly at the end of November....


I need to implement ASAP for my Powerapps Portal!

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@Graham  please don't hold your breath! The 100MB upgrade limit was planned for Oct 2019 and was in the end released as the present 50MB limit in Dec 2019. However, an increase up to 250MB (the SP list limit) was already requested in April 2018 ... 

Anyway, @kollikr , it would be good to know if there is any plan to increase the limit further and if so when? Or is there perhaps any fundamental issue that prevents any increase ever? Please leave us customers not in the dark on this. Thank you in advance!

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Any updates on this topic?


This is really something that should be prioritized.

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Any Updates? I really need to increase this limit in order to be able to use power apps for what I need. This 50mb limit is very old due to the modern file sizes and needs.

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Hi @fabio_ramos ,


as it states in the request they are working on increasing the size to a 100 MB which in my opinion also does not make any sense and will render useless for us at least to use any of the power app file handling capabilities. So that is a bit sad.. If they at least could increase it to 500 MB or 1GB.. that would be awesome 🙂