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PowerApps: Button need more properties and Image attribute - image with text attribute

Hello Community,


Button control should have more propties like:

if button is disabled then it should be tracked by it's property/attribute like "if(Button.Disabled=true,dosomething())".

So using that properties we can do some operation and can make some function work.

button 2.png

In above case I can see button is disabled but I cant get any event on Disabled button.


Also there is need of image attribute with button:

Scenario where I needed image attribute: 

I wanted place a button by which user can go to Home screen, So i wanted to display button which can have home icon and "Home" as a text. 

Refer Image:



So currently I used two control to achieve this 1. button and 2. Image control in front of button.


So its should be in way like Button can have image and text both property and that both can be used same time.


Its not good to use two control to show only one button and maintain all the functionality for both the control like I have to write function on  "OnSelect" for both control to achieve "on click" event.


Thank you,

Milansinh Raj

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@rajmilansinh:The whole idea of disabling the button is to prevent its being operated; you may

I too approve of the idea of having an Image property on the button.  Ideally, the button's Image Property should also accomodate the built-in Icons as well as allowing for custom images.  It would be useful if the Image had properties that would allow the developer to keep any Text on the Button clear of the Image using alignment or relative positioning - I am a little tired of telling images how to overlie buttons - having the ability to specify (Horizontal)Align=Left and Vertical Align=Centre (spelling optional) would be very useful.


I recommend that when you set up a button and image pair, you set the image up thus:-

Fill:                       Button.Fill
Visible:                 Button.Visible

DisplayMode:      Button.DisplayMode
OnSelect:             Select(Button)



This last will help to economise on the amount of code in your app.


Tracking the button's Fill, Visible and DisplayMode properties directly will probably improve the appearance and responsiveness of your application.

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Me again.  You can set the button's Visibility to false, and its OnSelect handler can still be run from another control or event using the Select( Button ) function call.  If the button's DisplayMode is Disabled, then the Code in its OnSelect handler will not run.