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PowerApps (Canvas) PC Editor

Hi everyone, for me it is the first time that I have provided a suggestion in a community like this, so I ask forgiveness in advance if I violate some rules 😁 or if I have already proposed the topic again.

The idea is simple:
Microsoft needs to develop a desktop editor for PowerApps (an editor dedicated to professional developers) on the same dynamic as PowerBI for PC.

That is, developing the apps locally and then being able to upload them to the cloud. Not only that, with it, it would be very interesting to correlate a more advanced test and debug suite, without impacting the performance of the cloud. While we're at it, maybe integrate everything with GitHub and thus obtain an even more articulated and varied community, but also the possibility of being able to work on large projects in more people.

I don't think you haven't already thought about it, as there are desktop products for both PowerBI and PowerAutomate.
This would close a magic circle that would make the power environment even more powerful.

Thank you very much for the attention.
A greeting.

Status: New