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PowerApps Checker - Detect short fields used with pen control

A new check for the following scenario would be wonderful please.  @MikeHuguet  


If a multi-line text field is less than 15000 characters long and used with the OOTB pen control the checker then the solution checker should warn/error.


This will stop getting the "You have exceeded the maximum number of 4096 characters in this field".


Status: New
Power Apps

Hi @Anonymous, just to better understand your scenario, how are you saving the output of the pen input control in the multi-line text field? If in a canvas app, are you somehow converting the pen output into text (i.e., using the JSON function) prior to storing in the field? And are you storing it using a form or a direct Patch call? If in a model-driven app, how are you linking the input to the field?

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Hi @CarlosFigueira,  I'm using a model driven app, and adding a multi-line text field onto the a form, and then giving the field the OOTB pen control.  By default a multi-line text field doesn't have enough characters to contain the data captured by the pen control (which is a base64 string).    If the PowerApps checker could check to make sure the field being used has a length above 15000 characters that would prevent the error being caught at runtime.