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PowerApps - Consume only - control features available

As a company, IT, Developer we don't like the idea that all user can create apps on there own. Also, because a lot of users are only consuming PowerApps all the extra options are more than just a distraction - basically it really makes it confusing for the average user. Therefore we would like to be able to set the way a tenant can use PowerApps.

With this, we like to set the role they have - consumer, creator, developer - and which connections are available for the tenant- for example, a creator can use Excel (One Drive) and SharePoint and a Developer can also use CDS, SQL or other more complex connectors. 

If not possible at least make the start screen cleaner and more from the perspective of a consuming user. And Yes, I know that PowerApps was at the start build for users to be able to create their own apps, but I would think that PowerApps is becoming too big to be only that. 


@TopShelf-MSFT , how does the PowerApps team look at this?


Status: New