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PowerApps Custom Form working with classic experience

Currently the PowerApps Custom Form in SharePoint will only work if the modern experience is enabled. If the user clicks the "Return to classic SharePoint" in the browser then the out of the box SharePoint list form is used instead of the PowerApps Custom Form. If a PowerApps Custom Form is being used in a list then the Classic toggle link shouldn't prevent the custom form from being displayed.

Status: Completed

It is now possible to play a PowerApps Custom Form from the classic experience (if the form has been customized prior to the user switching to classic).


Adding @emmac who will be working to improve these experiences. She and I were able to run a form from classic which had previously been customized by a maker using the modern experience to confirm this change.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to evolve this experience,



New Member

Good thing I came across this! I hope we have the option to remove "return to classic Sharepoint"

Helper I

This is no longer working.

I am facing an issue with all our customers tenants, where switching to classic SharePoint suddenly also reverts the form to a classic form, so all form logic can be bypassed. How it used to work, was that if the form wasnt customized in classic, then it would still use the PowerApps custom form, even after switching to classic. This has worked up until recently, as described in this idea.
Just confirmed that it is also the case for newly created forms. This renders the custom form close to useless, as form logic can be bypassed so easily by the user. Was this an intended change?

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Also want to report this is not working, changed list default to classic and PowerApps list form is gone and OOTB form is back.

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Likewise not working for me. It seems the powerapps forms are almost pointless at the moment, as you can't even link a user directly to the form to fill something out.


Are there plans to change this?