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PowerApps Debugger Needed

It would be great (for all level of developers) to have a debugger within PowerApps to show (to a meaningful extent) steps behind the sense of an action a PowerApp (user) makes, whether there is an error or no. in case of an error, we will get to know what / where exactly the error, hence debugger (hopefully) proposes the right help, while in case of no error, we will get to know how things works hence better understand the logic and get to design better codes/formulas etc

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Robot Happy PowerApps Survival Tip 

The "poor man's" debugger workaround I use is to create a label with debug information for every screen I create. 


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 14.02.28.png

I set

  • the "Text" attribute = whatever variable information I need to dump 
  • the "Visible" attribute = true

    e.g.  This will dump the value of a Toggle control 

    Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 14.08.09.png
    Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 14.10.50.png


And this is what appears on the screen in the app:


Debugging label as it appears in the AppDebugging label as it appears in the App

When I'm done debugging, I set

  • the "Visible" attribute = false 

I leave it invisible in case I need to use it again.

I do hope that an integrated debugger is on the horizon for the PowerApps Team.


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The debugging experience also needs to be able to log and stop on events. E.g. I have some sort of race condition on iOS causing a powerapps form to update with the wrong data 1 second after it initially loads with the correct data. 

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Updating status and adding @GregLi

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I cannot express how much this feature would be of benefit. In traditional programming, there's debugging available. The ability to have breakpoints and to see what data is stored at each step is often invaluable for identifying why something isn't working the way you expect.