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PowerApps Licensing Bait and Switch

This effectively kills our PowerApps development. 
Please work on revising your latest license structure (Oct 2019) to allow us to use the product again.

For us this has gone from an effective enterprise form and app solution to an overpriced nightmare that will impact unsuspecting users who created applications prior to the change.

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Could you elaborate a little bit?

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I am finding difficulty to create a form using HTML tags. From the community forum, i understand that it is not possible to create a form using HTML tags instead i have to use code to  create a simple button element.

For example, to create a simple button, i am writing code as below


private buttonHTMLButtonElement;
this.button = document.createElement("button");
 this._container = document.createElement("div");
instead of easy one as below

<button type="button">Click me</button>



It would be handy if this feature is added to power apps component framework.








Level: Power Up

Trying to build a strategy based on the new Power platform component pricing is pretty much impossible. We have Office 365 E3 licenses, Dynamics 365 Enterprise licenses, and all of the useful bits have been pulled out and we now have to make a call on:

- User vs application

- PowerAutomate vs PowerApps (is it included? depends)

- Is that a custom connector? Do we get that with O365 E3 or D365 Enterprise? (sort of)

- How many page views on an external portal are we going to have?

- How many discrete 24 hour periods will our authenticated external portal user need?

- Plus a whole raft of others that appear to have been designed to make it impossible (like SA licensing in the past)


This is really cruel and unnecessary and is driving loyal Microsoft professionals like myself to look elsewhere for our future strategic plays.