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PowerApps Personal

Make PowerApps available for personal use using, or domains. Offer CDS as a pay solution for data storage. I would pay for the ability to make and deploy apps to use in my personal life and family. 

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So, you mean you cannot use it for personal use?  Why the heck not?

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I really hope Microsoft listens to this. PowerApp is great for personal. I subscribed for separate Office 365 business only to share PowerApps with my family so they can run my apps on their phones. Unfortunately PowerApp platform still does not support sharing apps with guest user so I had to cancel my subscription. 

Helper I

This is the kind of feature that people are not going to think about, until it is available.  Definitely would be a good revenue source for Microsoft.


(the next logical step would be to publish the app so app creator could monitize)

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I'm looking for this as well.