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PowerApps - Snowflake Custom Connector - Can Not Pass a App/Service Account

After several troubleshooting sessions (and parallel testing), the Snowflake vendor recommended us to open issue on this due to issues we are both seeing in our testing when trying to use an application account.


Both the Snowflake vendor and my company tested this individually and ran into the same issues below. Refer to notes and screenshots.


1) We are UNABLE to get PowerApps custom connector to allow us to use a service/app account for executing the Snowflake REST API (we dont want the same single user to be passed to Snowflake so dont have to add every individual user in our organization on the Snowflake side in order to use the Snowflake REST API)
* ERROR: Need admin approval - needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask the admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.
* Completed admin consent
** looked in azure client console and NO admin consent pending - same error
** had the azure admin complete the consent directly in the power apps prompts (using his azure admin account and provided ) - same error
* Refer to attached screenshots showing the issue
* asks for admin consent but there is nothing pending admin consent in Azure when look at the client


2) Also, it seems like the "security" items added into the "security" tab seem to get cleared out and PowerApps DOES NOT honor them. This may be part of the issue.

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This would be valuable for us as we try to better integrate the Power platform with Snowflake.