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PowerApps Studio: One-Click Master Element Instance Reference

A common advanced recommended practice is to use an element in one screen, sometimes called a "Master Screen" and then in subsequent elements throughout the app, to set the properties to reference the master element. This is to encourage good practice and for example if a color change, font size change, etc. is needed later, it can be done on the master element and apply throughout all elements in the app instead of changing them one by one.


We therefore suggest One-Click Master Element Instance Reference - that is, using a feature called "Clone as Instance", the cloned element, instead of setting the properties manually and individually to reference the master element, such element can instantly in one step have all possible properties referenced from the hard coded values of the element inherited from. This would have huge benefits as it would prevent the need to manually go through each property i.e. in the copied element, go to Fill and changed it from the hard coded value to "MasterElement.Fill" then do so for the Color to "MasterElement.Color", and the BorderStyle to "MasterElement.BorderStyle"  and so on and so forth.


While it is probably possible to "work around" or otherwise somewhat attempt to approach this functionality now using only existing functionality, such as by just manually doing this and then saving as an App to use as a template or as a Component of some sort, we do not believe there is a way to easily do the above in the way we stated it. The benefits of the above is that it would prevent the need to manually do this for every kind of control. In current functionality, a set of manually created components or templates have to be created and built manually for at least one type of control i.e. a Master has to be copied as a control and then in every property we have to go through and change each property to reference the Master. It would be nice to have the option to do the opposite as well i.e. have every property reference a master with one step then manually take out what need to be manually determined for that instance as it would make things easier for some use cases.

Status: New