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PowerApps Studio version updates

An update link/option should be displayed in PowerApps Studio instead of user finding it in Store on his/her own. Most of the times, when I try to open a latest downloaded app from cloud in to PowerApps studio, I get version update message but ther eis no link in the PowerApps studio to update the app. Instead I had to go to the Windows Store and look for the updates. Many users may no know the way to update it. It will be helpful to have the link/option to update the version from Studio itself or at least redirecting user to the Store to update on the error message.

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I would also like to back this up as in my case the company' Systems team have revoked the access to Store to all users in the company, so each time I find out there is a new update (usually the app tells me I can't use it without latest update) I need to contact them to enable the Store for me and then disable it again after I get the update.