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PowerApps Video Player with SharePoint Library

Please allow for PowerApps video player to play SharePoint Library Videos.

Being able to sift through a gallery of listed videos and then Select(Parent) to the video player to play the video hosted in the SharePoint Library, would be far more efficient than using the MS Stream services.


Currently that service is very limiting to select videos as there is no PowerApps &Stream Connector or even Power Automate & Stream Connector allowing to connect to multiple Stream videos. The built in Stream media insert is somewhat of a pain to use when it requires the user to sign in prior to watching.


Having the ability to play videos through the video media insert based off a SharePoint Library Link to Item would be incredible.


Thank you.

Status: New
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I also have a similar business case where I want to share Microsoft Teams meeting recordings which are shared in sharepoint site documents on PowerApps, would love this feature!