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PowerApps Webpart should support parameters

PowerApps Webpart should support query parameters similar to embeded PowerApps app in SharePoint pages.
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Agree with @LC 100% on this!  This is a must.



Dear Microsoft, parameters don't work in SharePoint in general - see my post here:



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Agreed. Workaround here could be to embed the PowerApp in a embed-web part:

<iframe width="1024px" height="768px" src=",101,171,1)&appId=/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apps/[AppID]&Param=Value" />
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This is critical especially when we want to send users to a specific screen within the powerapp, we need the webpart to support parameters in the URL

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I totally agree, I have elements which I wish to only display when displayed in the web part - I can't believe this wasn't included when the parameters or web part were introduced (whichever was last).

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Completely agree.  Going to try the work-around, but using parameters from the PowerApps web part would be wonderful. 

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This is definitely something that I expected to be functionality that still isn't. I want to be able to put different versions of a canvas app on a page that show different data in a data table based on the query string, thus obscuring how this is done to avoid users meddling with the query string (or knowing that they can).